Communication – The Glue That Holds A Family Together

Kids Pass is a digital membership platform offering discounts at UK attractions to millions of families across the UK. To celebrate National Conversation Week, Michael Kilmartin, Partnerships Director, explores the importance of quality communication at home.

Picture your living room or dinner table on an average evening… How does it look? Do laptops, iPads or smartphones feature at all? Thought so. More and more, technology is invading our private lives and at what price?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a true advocate of celebrating the digital age and just as reliant on my iPhone as the next person, but I do find it saddening to witness just how much impact these gadgets are having on the precious time we spend together as a family. You only have to glance around a restaurant or park to question whether parents are truly interested in watching their kids play, or more engrossed in their emails or Instagram feed.

So, as we enter National Conversation Week, which aims to encourage quality conversation between people in their professional and personal lives, here are my top reasons for less screen time and more chit chat at home.

Resolve conflict
It may feel like a negative way to start, but misunderstandings and fall-outs are a fact of family life, unfortunately. It could be a serious and complex issue that’s been bubbling away through the generations, or something as simple as arguing over keeping bedrooms tidy or emptying the dishwasher – conflicts happen!
One thing that family disagreements tend to have in common is that they arise because of miscommunication. Biting the bullet and sitting down to chat about a particular problem can work wonders and will help you find a solution much more quickly than stomping around the house or sending a strongly worded text!

Show you care
They say that blood is thicker than water and when it comes to sticking together through good times and bad, there really is nothing comparable to a family bond. A family unit that communicates well will have a much better understanding of what loved ones need to feel more supported – even if it’s just a listening ear.
Regular conversation with loved ones of all ages will show that you trust them, foster the love you share and bring you even closer.

Have fun
Is there anything better than some good, old-fashioned family fun? Having a laugh together, playing silly games, banter between siblings and sharing that inside joke that only your family understands – it’s all priceless and these are the things that make your family unique and truly special.

It’s only when you enjoy some quality screen-free time together that these magical moments occur and these are the memories that will stay with you for life.
This week, why not make an extra special effort to bring back the conversation and improve communication among your family. You could head out for the day, play a board game, or simply make a special effort to keep the technology away from the dinner table! There’s no doubt that you’ll feel the benefits and more chatter will bring you closer together.
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