Let’s talk home insurance

James Ware may not be the first hard-working 26-year-old to own his own home. But by getting on the property ladder early, he has put himself one step ahead of most of his peers. And thanks to his financial adviser, he also saved a great deal of time and effort along the way.

Unlike most millennials, who are typically well into their thirties before taking out a mortgage, James took the plunge when he was just 24. He knew it was a big decision, but with his career going well and no other financial commitments to speak of, it felt like the right time.

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The importance of your credit rating

Your credit rating, or credit score, can have a major impact on your life. It started out as a way for banks and financial institutions to assess how likely you were to repay a mortgage or other debt. Today it is not uncommon for new employers and letting agents to want to check your credit rating before offering you a job or a lease on a flat.

Keeping an eye on your credit rating is highly recommended. It shouldn’t take long to do, and you only need do it a couple of times a year.

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A quick guide to car insurance jargon from Swinton Insurance

Buying car insurance is hardly the most exciting activity! But since it’s a legal requirement for all UK drivers, having to wade through all of the jargon is a necessary evil. Here’s a quick guide to debunking some of the most confusing car insurance jargon that can leave you scratching your head…

No-claims bonus vs No-claims discount

These terms are often seen as interchangeable, however there’s a slight difference:

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Yorkshire people top poll of biggest worriers

Yorkshire residents are the biggest worriers about money in the UK, with many vowing to change their spending habits in 2019.

According to a survey of 1023 people, 47 per cent of residents in Yorkshire and the Humber rank finance as the main thing that keeps them up at night – a country mile ahead of fitness (12 per cent) and work (11 per cent) – with 46 per cent promising to spend less this year. Those living in the south east closely follow (46 per cent) as worriers, with the Welsh taking a more laid-back approach to their finances at 22 per cent.

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How do money worries and mental health affect each other?

There’s a strong relationship between money worries and mental health. If you’re struggling with your mental health, it can make managing your finances harder – and if you’re worrying about money, it can take its toll on your mental health. It can be a vicious cycle, and money problems can spiral out of control, but for many people it can feel too overwhelming to face the problem head-on.

There are many ways that your money concerns and mental health could have an impact on each other, such as:

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Why it’s important to read the small print

A recent survey by Paymentshield revealed that 46 per cent of people failed to read their policy thoroughly, because it was too time consuming, with 31 per cent saying they felt they didn’t need to, 31 per cent admitting it was too complicated, and 25 per cent saying it was too boring.

Most people can probably put their hands up to having done one of these, but why is it so important to read the small print?

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Why waste your time with home insurance?

Contrary to what some people think, not all home insurance is the same. So if you want to separate the wheat from the chaff, you need a lot of time and patience… or, like Erwin Miranda, you could just have a quick chat with your local financial adviser.

When Erwin decided to relocate from London to Lincolnshire, he arranged his mortgage through a local financial adviser in Grantham. What he didn’t realise at the time, was that she would be able to help him with other aspects of his finances – including his home insurance.

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Five tips on buying Insurance

For many of us, insurance isn’t something we think much about – until we really need it, usually after a loss, damage or another unexpected event has occurred.

Unfortunately, for some people this is when they realise that their insurance policy doesn’t cover what they needed it to cover, leaving them seriously out of pocket. Before you commit to a new policy, here are our top tips for choosing the right insurance.

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What to ask an adviser when seeking financial advice

You’re about to buy a house, purchase important insurance cover, or enter the world of investments – and made the wise decision to get some professional advice but how do you choose an adviser that’s right for you so you can feel comfortable they’ve got your best interests at heart.

Your conversation about purchasing a new home or selecting the right investment could be one of the most important conversations you’ll ever have, so it’s essential that you go armed and ready to ask the right questions, meaning you receive the sort of advice that will stand you in good stead for the future.

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