Can Digital Communication Ever Replace Human Interaction?

Reuben Singh, founder of alldayPA, the UK’s largest telephone answering services for SMEs and entrepreneurs, shares his experience of how the industry has changed and why human interaction is more important than ever, despite ever-evolving advances in technology.

The telecoms industry is well placed to provide insight on the changing face of conversation and, as digital platforms become more and more prevalent, the sector has seen a lot of changes. Gone are the days when customer services is simply a friendly face in person and a voice over the phone, now customers expect live chat platforms, speedy responses on social media and a public forum to air their grievances.

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Let’s Bring Back the Conversation & End Loneliness

Dil Daly – Chief Executive at Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton – is all too familiar with the growing rise in loneliness, amongst older people especially, but in younger generations too. Dil is supporting National Conversation Week, and in his guest blog, is encouraging people to put the smartphones aside and actually get talking.

With 1.2 million older people admitting they are chronically lonely, we’re all for National Conversation Week. All too often, people revert to sending a text or Whatsapp message which, understandably, isn’t necessarily the chosen method of communication for older people. When was the last time you called your grandad or visited your elderly aunt?

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Why Talking Is One Of The Healthiest Things You Can Do!

Suzy Glaskie is a former marketing consultant turned health coach who now runs her own practice, Peppermint Wellness. In her guest blog she examines the role of conversation in the workplace.

In my old job – a 22-year career in PR – I used to do a lot of talking. Talking to clients, talking to colleagues, talking to journalists. Chat, chat, chat. Yes, a lot of it was functional and work-related… but much of it was pure human connection. I met two of my dearest friends the first day I started agency life at the age of 22. They were both senior to me and taught me more than I can say. But we shared so much more than advice on how to write a press release. Over the years, we shared problems, heartaches…and a whole lot of laughs. We still do.

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