The importance of face-to-face conversations when discussing finance

Maxim Cohen is Chief Executive of The UK Adviser – a mortgage adviser support franchise.

Our world is predominantly focused on mortgages and providing important advice to potential homeowners, buyers and those looking to make more from the equity that lies in their home.

You won’t be surprised to hear, therefore, that we’re strong advocates of talking about finance – not online, not particularly over the phone, but face-to-face, in person. After all, a mortgage is the biggest personal guarantee that a person will probably ever commit to in their lifetime – what’s more, it’s secured against their home. This is not a conversation to be taken lightly.

You need to take time, be focused and understand the complex mortgage market. What types of mortgages are there? How do they differ? What can I afford? What’s the best option for my personal circumstances? How long am I tied to this agreement?

The questions and considerations are far-reaching and, unfortunately, Google won’t have sufficient answers to confidently guide you down the correct path.

That’s why professional advice and open and honest conversations are vitally important when it comes to arranging a mortgage. Online forums and websites just simply don’t cut it.

Trying to decipher the detail, and know who to trust and believe, is impossible to achieve through a click of a button.

Don’t get me wrong; we embrace technology and actively use and invest in it to help make quick and informed decisions. But this is specific software designed to enhance an adviser’s role, not to replace them and the vital conversations that need to be had when talking about important financial decisions.

An advisor’s role is to learn as much about their client and their personal circumstances as possible, so they can provide informed, unbiased and accurate advice in a timely manner. Ticking boxes and clicking submit just isn’t enough

So, how does that conversation pan out? Talking in person with a professional means that you get support every step of your journey, taking you from the initial consultation stage, straight through to completion, with informed updates on the process along the way.

Let’s face it, it can often be a daunting and lengthy process to find the right mortgage. Surely, it’s a no-brainer to free up your time and let advisers handle it for you? They scour the market for the most competitive deals, always having your best interests at heart so you can rest assured you’ll receive honest advice and a mortgage that’s right for you.

Talking about finance is probably the most valuable thing you’ll ever do. Research shows that people who don’t seek advice from a qualified professional can end up paying too much for their mortgage, because they don’t know the best way to shop around or understand the mortgage jargon imprinted in the small text.

The question should not be: ‘why should I speak to someone?’, but ‘why shouldn’t I?’. Don’t delay!

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