Yorkshire people top poll of biggest worriers

Yorkshire residents are the biggest worriers about money in the UK, with many vowing to change their spending habits in 2019.

According to a survey of 1023 people, 47 per cent of residents in Yorkshire and the Humber rank finance as the main thing that keeps them up at night – a country mile ahead of fitness (12 per cent) and work (11 per cent) – with 46 per cent promising to spend less this year. Those living in the south east closely follow (46 per cent) as worriers, with the Welsh taking a more laid-back approach to their finances at 22 per cent.

The statistics – compiled as part of the annual National Conversation Week – show that in 2019 more people in the UK intend to change the amount they spend (39 per cent), with 48 per cent of people living in the North West leading the way on financial resolutions.

Jennifer Ripley is Head of Marketing at Paymentshield– the leading provider of insurance to the mortgage intermediary market which is behind the national awareness week said: “In the current climate, personal finance clearly tops the agenda when it comes to what worries people the most. The topic of money not only dominates conversations around the dinner table across the UK, but it’s high on the list of things that people need to address this year.

“As wages continue to fall, household bills go on rising, and uncertainty over Brexit hangs over the UK, it’s hardly surprising that people are placing a firm focus on money.”

While many people admit that spending less with improve their financial situation in 2019, a significant number of people (33 per cent) wouldn’t seek advice on how to achieve this.

Online forums prove the most popular place to go for financial help (14 per cent), followed by parents (11 per cent) and professional advisers (11 per cent).

Jennifer said: “The biggest aim of National Conversation Week is about encouraging people to open up and talk about the things that concern them the most, including money. Increasingly, we are seeing people opt for the convenience and speed of online sites for answers to their financial questions, which can often leave them with inadequate products, and potentially losing a significant amount of money in the process.”

National Conversation Week 2019, which runs from 18 to 24 March, is encouraging everyone in the UK to try and be more open when it comes to their finances.

Paymentshield wants to help people learn how they can manage their finances in a better way, whilst highlighting how professionals can help at each financial stage in life.

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