Launch of the UK’s First National Conversation Week

The first National Conversation Week launches on the 6th March and aims to encourage more conversations in both our personal and professional lives.

Whether it’s keeping in-touch with friends and relatives, updating a colleague at work or trying to find the best insurance deal, we’re all guilty of defaulting to hiding behind a screen to send a quick text, fire off an email, post a social media message or search online rather than taking the take the time to actually speak with somebody.

Digital communication is vital in today’s society but there’s no denying even though the physical kind takes more time and effort, it often results in a much more rewarding experience.

So, as we continue to default to digital in more and more situations, we risk missing out on not just the art of conversation, but all the things that come with it like ideas, insight, and advice tailored to our specific situation.

Throughout the week, we hope to encourage some thought and discussion around how technology is changing our lives and question when there’s actually a real benefit of having a conversation rather than opting for the digital alternative.

Research commissioned by insurance company Paymentshield and conducted by YouGov revealed that now more than 1 in 3 of us (37%) would opt for a digital method of communication such as text or instant messenger rather than face to face or over the phone when contacting someone close to them.

Rob Evans, Managing Director of Paymentshield commented “Relationships and conversations are the backbone of the insurance industry so we really felt the need to respond to the You Gov research and other recent data which indicates conversations are in decline. We firmly believe that conversations are important both for business and our personal lives which is why we’re supporting National Conversation Week.”

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